My Peony Society


My Peony Society, quality by association

My Peony Society is a group of growers, traders and florist. The bloom of the peony, a transformation from shy green bud to lucious 'pool of lace', is a spectacle we can't get enough of. That is why we founded My Peony Society. With care and knowledge we bring the best peonies to be enjoyed for the longest time. We do this by working together and sharing knowledge. As an association, we are able to control the full life cycle of the precious peony.

In persuit of perfection

We firmly believe that only the highest standards are good enough for our peonies. That is why every step in the production process is securely montored. And why we are constantly looking for innovations that can upgrade our already precious produce.

Bloom guaranteed

We are so convinced by our way of operating, that My Peony Society peonies come with an unique full bloom guarantee. The assurance for the most beautiful bloom just at the right moment.

A longer season

Something as beautiful as the peony should be enjoyed as long as possible. With special attention to transport and contacts with international growers we can offer fresh peonies longer than most traders. The result: a longer season. Enabling you to enjoy the most beautiful peonies in the broadest colour range possible.

Peonies colour your event

You want just the right look and feel for your event. And we can bring just that. We combine knowledge of the growing process with the best advice of top-notch stylists. This means you get just the right colour and shape to match your special occasion. This is where inspiration and know-how come together.

Scent, size, shape and colour

We offer over 130 types of peonies. Single flowers, double flowers, a full range of colours from soft cream to crimson red and beyond. And what about the smell? Do you prefer sweet fragant or more with a citrus touch? We have it all. And we help you choose. A peony is a living work of art that changes colour according to the moment in it's life cycle. We make sure that your peony matches your requirements at exactly the right moment.

Big event, important photo-shoot or other special requirements? Contact our expert Marty. He'll be happy to help you.

Working on a sustainable future

Because we are an association, we have control over the full production chain of the peony. That means we can help our growers to obtain MPS certification. The MPS standards stand for more sustainable production in the horticultural sector. We help our growers on the road to certification because we believe that enviromental care is an intrinsic part of care for our product.

Want to know all about our quality control and the MPC certificates? Lennart is your man.