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Bowl of Cream

A true favourite

Bowl of Cream is one of our personal favourites. When we first saw this thick, beautifully white peony years ago, we were swept off our feet. Since then, many new white peonies have appeared on the market, but in our opinion Bowl of Cream is still one the very best.

Flowering period
Bud size
42 - 55 mm
Flower size
160 - 230 mm


Based on last years availability.

Whipped cream

Bowl of Cream is a full-petalled, stark white coloured peony that blooms mid-season. The name is very aptly chosen; the huge flowers of Bowl of Cream look like big cups filled with whipped cream. The stems are sturdy and solid and are perfectly able to carry the large flowers. We obtain this peony variety from all over the world, making Bowl of Cream available almost all year round.


This peony was registered in 1963 by the famous American breeder Carl G. Klehm and was awarded the APS Gold Medal in 1981, the most important award given out by the prestigious American Peony Society.


This beautiful peony is definitely worth a try. Cut the stems diagonally and put the peony in a vase with some lukewarm water. Add some sugar or flower food to the water to give Bowl of Cream some extra energy.