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Coral Sunset

The most popular Coral

Of all varieties in the Coral family, Coral Sunset is the most popular one. And there’s a good reason for that. This peony variety has the thickest stems of all Corals, the most leaves and the largest flower buds. Peonies from the Coral family are well-loved because of the orange colour of their flowers and Coral Sunset happens to be the most orange coloured of them all.

Flowering period
Bud size
38 - 50 mm
Flower size
160 - 200 mm


Based on last years availability.

Large petals

Coral Sunset is a semi-double flowered, hybrid peony with large flowers that can grow up to 20 cm. The large petals are firm and the centre is filled with yellow stamens. Colourwise, this peony transforms from orange to salmon, to cream to white. Coral Sunset has strong and green leaves, that are smoother than its sibling Coral Charm. The flowers are odourless.


This variety was bred in 1965 by Samuel Wissing and is registered by Charles Klehm and Son Nursery. In 1981 the APS Gold Medal was awarded to Coral Sunset.


Coral Sunset comes highly recommended to lovers of colour changing peonies. Coral Sunset is at its best from mid-May to mid-June. Please note that this peony is just available for a short period.