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Florence Nicholls

Sweet fragrance

Florence Nicholls is perfect for lovers of fragrant peonies. The scent of this peony can be described as light and fresh and evokes a summery vibe. The white flowers have a pink glow to them and are huge and opulent.

Flowering period
Blush pink
Bud size
36 - 45 mm
Flower size
140 - 170 mm

Formidable flower

The variety Florence Nicholls is a double-flowered peony that blooms in the shape of a rose. It has formidable flowers that can grow up to 17 cm in full bloom.


Florence Nicholls was bred in 1938 as a seedling of the peony variety Mme. Calot and is named after Mrs. J.C. Nicholls.


Florence Nicholls is a very large peony that needs some space. Cut its stems diagonally, put it in some lukewarm water and start enjoying!