Lois Choice

Favourite choice

Sensational, pure and different. Lois Choice is one of our favourite varieties. This peony has beautiful, rose-like buds that bloom into beautiful, two-toned flowers.

Flowering period
Peach, Pink
Bud size
35 - 45 mm
Flower size
130 - 170 mm

Peach and cream

The flowers of Lois Choice peonies are full-petalled. The incredibly delicate petals are peach and pink on the outer ring, turn peach and cream halfway through, and, eventually, turn back to peach and pink in the centre. This peony can turn a bit top-heavy, so it won’t stand completely upright by itself.


The plants from this peony gets easily damaged if the stems are cut larger than 40 cm. Those short stems can make Lois Choice a challenging peony to handle. But don’t let those short stems discourage you; you’d miss out on of the best peonies available.


This variety was bred in 1977 by Chris Laning and was registered in 1993.


Lois Choice is a peony for peony lovers: one that has to be handled with all the love and care only a good peony grower can provide. If she’s handled with care then the plants will reward you handsomely, with its alluring flowers.