Louis van Houten

Surprising colour

Ready to be surprised by a peony with a wild and quirky colour? The purple coloured Paeonia Louis van Houten is what you’re looking for.

Flowering period
Bud size
24 - 29 mm
Flower size
80 - 110 mm


Based on last years availability.

Modest size

Louis van Houten is a full-flowered peony with purple petals. Dark stems and hard leaves are typical for this variety. Furthermore the flowers are modestly sized, about 8 cm wide on average.


Louis van Houten was bred in 1867 by the French breeder Calot, who oversaw the legendary peony collection of the Count of Cussy between 1850 and 1872. This collection contained more than a hundred different varieties of peonies with enabled Calot to breed a lot of new varieties. Some of them are still popular today; including Louis van Houten.


Other known varieties of Calot: Amabilis, Boule de Neige, Lady Anna, Duchesse de Nemours, Marie Lemoine, Pecher and Reine Hortense. But none of them have those quirky purple flowers that Louis van Houtte has!


Never cut this peony to young, purple varieties have a hard time opening when cutted to tight. Also it is always a good idea to have some sugar in the water to give them some extra energy.