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Moon over Barrington

Like a fairy tale

A peony with a dreamy name that looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale? That must be Moon over Barrington! The huge, blushing flowers have a wonderful fragrance. In the bud stage this peony is pale pink in colour, but will slowly transform to a creamy white colour during blooming.

Flowering period
Blush white
Bud size
38 - 45 mm
Flower size
150 - 180 mm

Huge flowers

Moon over Barrington is a very exclusive double-flowered peony that opens up in the shape of a rose. The huge flowers can grow up to 18 cm in diameter and are supported by large branches with green leaves that are strong and sturdy. Moreover, they smell fantastic!


This peony was registered in 1986 by Roy Klehm, a member of the famous family of peony breeders. The Klehms have bred popular peony varieties such as Bowl of Cream, Coral Sunset and Dinner Plate. An impressive list that Moon over Barrington absolutely belongs to.


Moon over Barrington will not open if it’s cut before it has had the chance to grow some colour. Wait a bit longer if the bud isn’t pink on the inside and is still firm.