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Old Faithful

Bigger, bolder, stronger!

Old Faithful is the biggest red peony in existence. If you are looking a rough, tough and masculine peony, Old Faithful is what you’re looking for. Subtlety is nowhere to be found here. The broad buds, shaped like a rose, will transform to even broader flowers. Better clear some space! A spectacle to behold from start to finish.

Flowering period
Dark red
Bud size
42 - 55 mm
Flower size
170 - 200 mm

Extremely large

Old Faithful is a double-flowered peony with extremely large flowers. The flowers are bright red and become even brighter as they open further. This peony spreads a spicy fragrance.


Old Faithful was bred in 1964 by Mrs. Elizabeth Falck and is registered under the name of Glasscock-Falck. This peony variety was awarded with the APS Gold Medal by the American Peony Society in 1997.


Old Faithful is a rugged, no-nonsense peony that works better on its own than part of a bouquet. Cut the stems diagonally and put it in lukewarm water, preferably with some flower food or sugar, and start enjoying these tough costumers.