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Never a dull moment

Pastelegance is a cross between Lemon Chiffon and Salmon Dream, and combines the best qualities of both peonie varieties. The salmon colour of Salmon Dream and the pastel cream of Lemon Chiffon are both visible in the flowers of Pastelegance and are locked in a battle for dominance. One thing is for certain: Pastelegance is never boring!

Flowering period
Bud size
32 - 45 mm
Flower size
140 - 170 mm

Famous parents

Pastelegance is a semi-double flowered hybrid that stands out from the crowd because of its colours (salmon, pastel peach and cream). Just like its famous parents, this variety has thick stems and large buds. The flowers can reach a diameter of up to 20 cm!


Pastelegance was bred by famous American breeder Bill Seidl, who registered the variety in 1989. It’s his most popular creation which says a lot about the extravagant beauty of Pastelegance, considering he also bred the very popular Pink Vanguard and Carnation Bouquet.

Soon available

For the time being, Pastelegance is a very exclusive peony variety. We only have a very small quantity available on special order. We expect to have them growing in larger quantities by 2021, so no one will have to miss out on the elegant Pastelegance.