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Shirley Temple


The peony variety Shirley Temple is a celebrity with a worldwide fanbase. A real favourite on the Dutch market, where it regularly can be found in lists of top five most traded peonies.

Flowering period
Early, Middle
Bud size
26 - 36 mm
Flower size
120 - 150 mm


Based on last years availability.


The peony often starts with a pale pink colour, but becomes completely ivory white during blooming. Because of its small to mid-sized flowers it’s well suited for bouquets. Shirley Temple makes every show a great success.


Shirley Temple thrives best in countries with an abundance of sunshine. That can be a challenge in a country like The Netherlands where sunshine comes at a premium. But it can be done, and it’s well worth it to work a little bit harder for this beautiful peony.


This peony is named after the famous American actress, and future diplomat, Shirley Temple, the youngest winner of an Oscar ever.


Put the peonies in lukewarm water after cutting the stems diagonally. Add some sugar or flower food to the water, turn on the spotlights and it’s showtime!