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Top Brass

True stripes

At first glance, Top Brass doesn’t seem to be all that special. But be patient and give it a chance to bloom, because that’s when Top Brass will show its true stripes. When the bud opens, a thick, yellow ball appears between the ivory white petals; and on top of that ball, a new, smaller sphere sprouts, light pink in colour.

Flowering period
Pink, White, Yellow
Bud size
32 - 40 mm
Flower size
110 - 150 mm


Top Brass is a double-flowered peony with double bomb-shaped blooms and long, firm branches. The petals are white with a pink touch on the outside. The relatively small buds bloom in a spectacular way.


Top Brass was registered in 1968 by Charles Klehm. It’s a seedling of Charley White.


Top Brass is a special and exclusive peony that’s only available for a limited time. Make sure to order in time!