Unbridled enthusiasm in Sommelsdijk


TwinPeony shows that blood is thicker than water. Jaap and Joanne Mastenbroek worked in the family business, Delta Peony, for years. Like so many they lost their heart to the beauty of the peony, and now, finally, the entrepreneurial twins of Sommelsdijk started their own nursery!

Joanne Mastenbroek - Twin Peony
Joanne Mastenbroek - Twin Peony

Early varieties

The first own hectare, in Sommelsdijk, is in the southern part of the Netherlands and catches a lot of sun hours. The twins use this advantage to the fullest, specialising in early varieties: Pink Hawaiian Coral, Flame, Duchesse de Nemours and in the future perhaps Claire de Lune.

In the right direction

The fields of TwinPeony are right next to those of Delta Peony, their parents peony nursery. Luckily, there’s nothing like bitter competition here. Delta Peony and TwinPeony work together closely, and in perfect harmony. The younger generation is among the flowers every day, in both nurseries, working hard to push the flowers in the right direction. In return, Delta Peony lends the twins its experience and resources when needed.


Jaap Mastenbroek - Twin Peony
Jaap Mastenbroek - Twin Peony

The unbridled enthusiasm of Jaap and Joanne is contagious: they cultivate perfection with unbridled joy. We’re proud to work with them!