Let’s celebrate the beauty of peonies, together!

Fan of peonies? You’ll feel right at home with these growers. Meet some of the extraordinary craftsmen in the My Peony Society.


Leen Mastenbroek – Delta Peony

Leendert (Leen for short) is a business man, the self proclaimed king of the metaphors and a gracious host. But foremost he’s a family man. His wife and children, twins Jaap and Joanne, are as peony-mad as Leen is, and work with him in the field.

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Jacob Karsten – Paeon

Jacob is a ‘walking encyclopedia of peony sience’, and adriving force behind the rising popularity of peonies. This tinkerer worked on inventions such as the first fully automated peony bunching line. Jacob and his brother Cees are known for continuous innovation. And for being pretty down to earth about the odd less successful experiment: “We haven’t failed, we just proved what won’t work.”

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Rowin van der Baan – Roba Peony

One of our youngest members. Rowin was barely nineteen when he used his savings to buy his first plot of land and began cultivating peonies. His incredible talent makes hard work seem effortless. Travels around the world to study (and grow) spectacular peonies.

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