The heart of the party

Our knowledge of cultivation, combined with top-notch design and styling, can take any event to the next level. It’s in our peony heart. Like the Amsterdam Pride festival, for example.

Center stage

For the Amsterdam Pride festival we supplied some of our biggest, boldest peonies, such as Sarah Bernhardt, Red Charm, Gardenia, and Dr. Alexander Fleming. They took center stage in Amsterdam, where a giant peony heart invited fans of love, freedom and diversity to party, peony style!

peony heart
The peony heart beats proud and strong during the Amsterdam Pride Festival 2017!

Colourful parade

Rockstar flower arranger Jeff Leatham, with his well-known penchant for peonies, created several eye-catching designs that incorporated our fresh peonies. At the height of the festival during the Canal Parade, in which colourful party boats cruise through the canals of Amsterdam, bright pink and white peonies caught everyone’s eye. If there’s one flower that gets the party started it’s the peony!